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An ancient history

Briol is a name uniting many stories. For instance, the one of Johanna Settari, the current landlady’s great-grandmother, who had been enthusiastic about the hamelt of Dreikirchen from her early childhood. Therefore she did not wish for jewellery or other valuable items from her husband, who was a wealthy silk and china merchant from Bozen, when she bore him a child. Instead she wished for a plot of land “at the mountain.” And since she bore 15 children, 11 girls and 4 boys, she conquered the entire hamlet of Dreikirchen step by step or rather child by child.     

Johanna Settari’s biggest wish was to bequeath a house with land property to each of her children so that the extended family could spend their summer holidays together. This idea of summer holiday has remained alive in Briol and its houses. And all those who arrive at Briol today will notice that hardly anything has changed...

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